Façade Retention at Molyneux House

Preserving the Past, Embracing the Future: Sam Stephenson Façade Retention at Molyneux House

When there’s a challenge, there’s an opportunity to innovate.

With strategic & meticulous planning, our team successfully preserved the Sam Stephenson Facade at Molyneux House in preparation of the integration into the new 258 bed hotel for Citizen M.

Here’s an overview on how it was achieved :

Our Project Management team lead the façade retention process, with the goal of preserving a piece of history while seamlessly integrating it to Altu’s modern architectural design befitting a vibrant inner-city site.

Façade Retention:  Thanks to the team at Hegarty demolition implementing the Barrett Mahony’s design , of a self-supporting transfer structure utilizing the mass of the remaining building to enable the preservation of the Stephenson façade from the 1970’s & the façade of a church from the 1860’s that were pinned together due to the lack of structural stability and the challenging geometry of the Stephenson façade.

Minimal Environmental / Stakeholder / Buildability Impact: With a focus on minimal disruption to DCC and wider stakeholders , we avoided the use of DCC parking spaces by mitigating the use of shoring with the innovative solution above.

Lafferty challenge the way it is always done to get the best results for the project.