Employee Spotlight: Meet Emer Donlon

This week we sit down with Senior Project Manager, Emer Donlon and chat about her role here at Lafferty.

Please share a short overview of your role at Lafferty

I joined Lafferty in early 2022, making the move to client-side consulting after many years working for main contractors. In my role as Senior Project Manager I’m currently working on a mix of commercial and residential projects in various stages of planning and construction.

What’s the most interesting part of working in the sector?

For me, the most interesting part right now is being involved in projects from the very early stages; often when it’s only a concept and long before any work starts on site. After so many years of being involved in the construction stage only I have a new appreciation for the work it takes – and the costs involved – to simply get a project to site.

Any predictions for how things will change in the sector across 2023?

Not exactly a prediction, but there’s a lot happening in the world of planning right now and I’m keeping a close eye on all the news around the proposed Planning and Development Bill. If it goes through it could have huge implications for many of our projects and clients.

What do you like most about working at Lafferty?

The people. It sounds a bit cheesy, but it’s true! Having colleagues that you can go to for professional support and advice and also enjoy the occasional night out with, that’s important to me.