Meet Sarah Rien: QA and Digital Manager

I joined Lafferty as an Assistant Project Manager in November 2018. My role evolved organically over the years and I took on more and more responsibility internally for the business. Since July 2022, I am working full-time as Lafferty’s QA and Digital Manager. It’s a new and exciting role where I look after the quality management and assurance, while also fostering the business’ digital growth.

What’s the most interesting part of working in the sector?

Construction is an exciting industry with so many facettes. I think most people don’t realise how much more there is to it beyond the mucky boots and hi-vis jackets.

Any predictions for how things will change in the sector across 2023?

Technology and data are taking on a bigger role (finally!) in the construction industry, and with the economic uncertainties and other challenges, the conversations revolve a lot around how can we collaborate better to achieve quality outputs that meet the client’s requirements. Technology and data will (and has to) play a key role on our journey to achieve more certainty around time and costs in construction and we will hopefully see some movement in 2023, as the Irish construction industry is already quite behind the curve in this regard.

What do you like most about working at Lafferty?


The people and the opportunities to grow and learn. As you can see from my short overview, my role has changed a lot since I started and I am glad that the company was open to me developing in various different directions while I was figuring out where my real strengths and passions were/are. I love that we have a very collaborative environment, where I know I can go to anyone and ask questions or bounce of ideas. Everyone will share whatever nugget of information or knowledge they might have freely and I think that is a big strength of our business.

Sarah Rien