FAQs on Workplace

Workplace is just one of the areas of expertise that we have in Lafferty.  We recorded a “Workplace” series with our senior project manager, Paula Donohoe recently and snippets can be viewed over on our LinkedIn channel.  Here are just some of the highlights from our discussion with Paula on the subject of Workplace fitouts.

Workplace is just one of the areas of expertise that we have in Lafferty.

What is the starting point in workplace fitout?

It starts with the client, their business, business requirements and what a successful project looks like for them.  We need to remember that the needs of an insurance company will not be the same as a tech company.   To start, it is beneficial to understand the client’s culture and align with that when proactively managing the project.

How long does a workplace fit out project typically take?

This really depends on lots of factors.  Honestly, no two projects are the same. 

That said, programme is always front and centre when planning the project and is one of the critical project controls we implement at the very beginning.

The programme needs to be tracked and monitored throughout the project, while maintaining quality and, once we are in construction stage, safety.

We have heard of fitout projects being compared to a Formula one race – it is fast paced and a lot can happen in a day!

What size of projects do you typically work on? 

The size of our projects really does vary greatly. There are projects we have worked on with construction values ranging from €1m to €30m.   In recent years, the typical workplace fitout projects that we have worked on are anything from 20,000 -120,000 square foot. but we also work on some smaller retrofit projects, with a recent project being 8,000 square foot. In all projects that we are involved in, cost and client’s budget are at the forefront of our minds.

It is worth noting that the project approach and attention to detail is also always consistent regardless of the size.

Lafferty project management of workplace fit out

What feedback have Lafferty clients given on completed workplace projects?

Thankfully the feedback we receive is excellent from clients.  One such example is from DocuSign and this was a massive compliment:

“Lafferty was more than a project management team. 

They were a true partner every step of the way from concept to completion. I had the opportunity to work with Lafferty on a fit out of 100,00ft² at 5 Hanover Quay, Dublin.

I was looking for a team deeply knowledgeable with local practices and resources to set the project up for success.

Being US based, I needed a strong team.

Ultimately, Lafferty was appointed based on their expertise, team proposed, client recommendations and how they listened and clearly articulated back what we needed and how they could deliver.

I found what we needed with Lafferty and they delivered!”

Carrie Cary,

Real Estate Director, DocuSign

In your opinion, what could the future of Workplace look like?

We believe that people will always want to connect with their colleagues and clients face to face, albeit with hybrid and flexible working models. 

The workplace has become more about the employee experience. A workplace needs to promote productivity, deliver wellness, while providing a space for people to feel comfortable and can truly connect.

The future will be about delivering on these elements no matter where you work. Workplace has become more about spaces and less about where the person is located. People can be in a hub, at home or in a remote office, the trick is to get consistency in all spaces. 

Paula believes it is about recognising what inspires people, what motivates people and what make people’s workplace more inviting. Workplaces need to work for a different task and for different people, it is not a one size fits all solution.