Our Approach to Life Science

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Providing Client Side End-to-End (E2E)
Project Delivery

Our approach is built on the successful implementation of, and adherence to the following fundamentals for success:

  • Providing a team of expert project managers with technical process knowledge able to address your business priorities
  • Proactively acknowledging and addressing project challenges, bringing forward solutions
  • Project life cycle risk management and appropriate mitigation, safeguarding business outcomes from the project investments
  • Offering independent and fully integrated services – project management and project controls as one team
  • Commitment to transparent, candid and ongoing communication, providing a single version of the truth throughout the project
Process Led Project Management, Life Science, CQV

Project Journey

  • Providing client side E2E project delivery to ensure continuity of project leadership from business case development to realisation.
  • Developing the project execution strategy and planning through interactive planning processes working from business case realisation back to business case development and feasibility.

Business Case Development

Feasibility & Masterplan

  • Alignment of the business case, project requirements and other site/business objectives.
  • Disseminate the business objectives up front to dial into the project execution planning, priorities and ensure full team buy-in.
  • Establish effective project governance.
  • Developing a robust plan with full team buy-in.

Design & Procurement

  • Front end loading providing accurate and detailed scope definition and due diligence
  • Management of the design phase, following sequential design stage gates with critical design output at the right level of detail and quality.
  • Implementing project delivery models and contracting strategies relevant to the project, bringing innovation from other sectors where appropriate.
  • Selection of professional teams.


  • Ensuring the construction sequence and priorities are aligned with the project start-up priorities.
  • The management of change, the accurate management and reporting of project information.
  • Integrated schedule, cost change and risk management with clear and consistent communications.
  • Ensuring client EHS objectives are core to the construction plan and management,
  • Selection of professional teams.


  • A detailed and clear CQV masterplan and schedule. Accurate identification of the CQV strategy, system interdependency, construction/start-up sequence, materials, documentation, and resource requirements.
  • Selection of professional teams.

Operational Readiness

  • Project managing operational readiness to bridge the gap across capital project delivery, technology transfer/new product introduction activity, and successful transition to commercial operations.
  • Robust ops readiness plan is in place, proactively involve the operations team in the CQV process, ensure robust plans are in place for training, hiring, SOP/PM generation, and supply chain/support functions are incorporated into the readiness plan.
  • Continuity of project leadership from end-to-end to ensure delivery or realisation of the business benefits.

Technology Transfer / New Product Introduction

  • Project management expertise of process, tech transfer including operations, supply chain & regulatory affairs.
  • Project management expertise of analytical methods transfer
  • The ability to integrate TT timelines with the overall project schedule to ensure commercial operations are delivered on time.

Business Case Realisation Confirmation


Client-side End to End Project Delivery

  • Business case dissemination to an implementable plan
  • Setting up and deploying effective project governance
  • E2E project management from business requirements to realisation
  • Integration as appropriate of all elements of the project using proven industry resources

Specialist Consultancy Services

  • Project / Industry benchmarking
  • Project health Checks
  • Project lifecycle risk management
  • Interactive planning sessions
  • Facilitation of end-to-end integrated schedule development utilising cross functional interactive planning sessions
  • Identification of risk, including mitigation and ownership
  • Risk assessed schedule and cost outcomes
  • Project supply chain knowledge & risk management
  • Design peer reviews

Selection & appointment of professional teams:

  • Engineering design
  • Construction management

Managed Services:

  • CQV project delivery / teams
  • Senior client-side leadership roles
  • Project controls
  • Operational readiness

Fully Integrated Project Controls

  • Schedule, cost, and change management
  • Consolidated, concise, and accurate reporting
  • Project Lifecycle risk management
  • Facilitation of end-to-end integrated schedule development utilising cross functional interactive planning sessions

Integrated Schedule Management

  • Developing a robust plan with full team buy-in
  • True end point forecasting through accurate critical path and earned value analysis
  • Robust and risk assessed schedule outcomes
  • Schedule benchmarking and probability analysis

Cost Management

  • Experienced sector specific cost managers / QS service
  • Cost estimating, reporting, valuations and contract administration
  • Tendering & procurement support
  • Cost benchmarking and probability analysis

Key Contact

Barry Freyne


Lafferty operate across the entire Life Science sector.

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