Meet Barry Freyne – Director: Life Science

In my role as Director of Life Science at Lafferty my primary objective is growing a sustainable business unit within the Life Science sector. This is a new sector for Lafferty and specifically, this means creating a value proposition for our biopharma clients around end-to-end client-side project delivery and building a team of proven industry experts and project managers who understand our client’s business objectives and are capable of providing leadership in project delivery. 


What’s the most interesting part of working in the Life Science sector?

The variety of projects, people, and client businesses we are exposed to. Each can be unique and bring new challenges to overcome. The industry is always evolving in terms of patient needs, products/technology, and client business models. Our ambition is to build a team capable of constantly evolving to meet those challenges.

Any predictions for how things will change in the sector across 2023?

In the recent past there has been and there is a significant level of investment large projects across all major markets. This has, at times, resulted in a challenging labour market. We should expect to see this continue with increasing investment both nationally and internationally in advanced and next-gen therapies. The area of digitalisation, and deployment of business intelligence also seems to be of growing importance. We intend to provide best practice in the delivery of projects and programs in these new areas.

What do you like most about working at Lafferty?

The people, Lafferty is a very welcoming and collaborative environment in which to work. The people here seem to challenge each other to improve the consistency and quality of our service offering which in turn leads to better outcomes for our clients.

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Barry Freyne